step-by-step protocol for each clinical situation


last update 7th November 2023

Terms and notices

Before you use this guide, you need to read and accept that:

  • Our goal is to help professionals by presenting protocols that have reliable scientific evidence on an easy to use format.
  • Adhesion and cementation are active fields of research. New materials and techniques are validated and discontinued frequently.
  • There are several materials and protocol variations for the same goals. We present what seems clinically feasible, evidence based and with the use of a reasonable and intentionally limited amount of materials that can be applied in a common dental office.
  • For each protocol, material or brand we support our choices with selected available evidence.
  • We have no financial interest in any of the selected materials. If we suggest one particular material or brand it is because of proven superior performance or technical advantages in its use. Therefore we believe that the commercial brands should be mentioned in the best interest of dental professionals. This does not mean that other materials or brands cannot be applied with success.
  •  Using these protocols has NO guarantee of clinical results. All protocols are technique sensitive which can obviously influence results.
  • We appreciate your feedback and questions. Please do contact us but make sure you leave your ego elsewhere – there is enough of that in dentistry. We work hard and try to stay up-to-date as much as possible. But we are also humans. Thank you.